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Have you ever tried to do something in real life in slow motion? Things like running, jumping, playing ball, dancing and more... In this Hashtag, we're going to have fun in slow motion... RULES: 1- Record a video doing something interesting, fun and creative. ATTENTION you need to do your actions in slow motion! 2- You must appear in the video. 3- Videos edited with Slow motions tools from editing apps or composer will not be valid. 4- Minimum time of 15 seconds. Post your video using #GotSlowMotion to win your crown and prizes! The video must be original unbranded from other networks, and you must be in the video to be qualified! First place US$200.00 second US$100.00 and US$20.00 for the last place that GotChosen has not been forgotten. You can participate in as many hashtag contests as you want, but you can ONLY WIN ONE PRIZE PER MONTH. Secure yours!

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