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Valentine's Day is the day of love! And at GotChosen there's a lot of love for the monetization we offer our users. It is in the Ads Program, Wallet, Weekly Draws, Top 10 Ranking and especially in the Hashtag Tournament. In this tournament you need to say which are the two monetization programs that make you stay with us every day and why. RULE: Talk about two monetization programs of your choice with a minimum time of 30 sec. Post your video using #MyLoveForGotchosen to win your crown and prizes! The video must be original unbranded from other networks, and you must be in the video to be qualified! First place US$200.00 second US$100.00 and US$20.00 for the last place that GotChosen has not been forgotten. You can participate in as many hashtag contests as you want, but you can ONLY WIN ONE PRIZE PER MONTH. Secure yours!"

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