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In this challenge you will show how you and your friends can win up to 6 coupons per friend for the weekly $300 drawing! Let’s go? 1. Register and activate the wallet = 1 COUPON; 2. Put photo and bio on the profile = 2 COUPONS; 3. Make 3 video posts and 3 photo posts = 3 COUPONS. Ready! Each guest of yours can give you up to 6 COUPONS! Good luck with the draw of the week! Post your video using #MyDaily10kGotCoins to win your crown and prizes! The video must be original unbranded from other networks and you must be in the video to be qualified! First place US$200.00 second US$100.00 and US$20.00 for the last place that GotChosen has not been forgotten. You can participate in many hashtag contests, but you can ONLY WIN ONE PRIZE PER MONTH. Secure yours!