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Each people has its own customs, way of speaking, accent, cuisine, clothes, dances... And today's question is: Where are you from? Say where you're from, without saying where you're from! Rules: 1- Tell us where you're from, but you can't SPEAK the name of the place. 2- You need to give hints about where you're from, showing the dialect of your region, dances, customs, cuisine, etc... 3- Ask your followers to put in the comments of your video the name of the place they think you are from. 4- Minimum time of 20 seconds. Post your videos with #GotMyRoots to win crown and dollar prizes! The video must be new, original, without watermark from other networks, and you must be in the video to be qualified! First place US$200.00 second US$100.00 and US$20.00 for the last place. You can participate in as many hashtag contests as you want, but you can ONLY WIN ONE PRIZE PER MONTH. Secure yours!

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