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From a young age, throughout our lives, we meet incredible people who make us better. Did you grow up being inspired by someone? Did you learn about life from someone special? In this hashtag, make a tribute to your favorite person, it can be your biological father, the father that life gave you, or that person you love and who has the figure of a father for you! The most important is love. Rule: 1- Make a tribute, share memories or tell a story about your favorite person, it can be your biological father, uncle, grandfather, someone who was special to you growing up. 2- Minimum time of 30 seconds. Post your video using #GotMyFavoritePerson to win your crown and prizes! The video must be original unbranded from other networks, and you must be in the video to be qualified! First place US$200.00 second US$100.00 and US$20.00 for the last place that GotChosen has not been forgotten. You can participate in as many hashtag contests as you want, but you can ONLY WIN ONE PRIZE PER MONTH. Secure yours!

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Program Details


How to participate?

  1. Search for the active contest on this page and click on “Join Contest”.
  2. Create your video.

Requirements to participate:

  1. Follow the rules on the contest hashtag description.
  2. Content must be relevant to the hashtag.
  3. Content must be original.


  • Get 1 coupon for every video created for this week's contest. Limited to 3 coupons per contest.
  • The 2 winners will receive a dollar prize.

How to win the contest?

The 2 videos with the higher engagement rate will win the contest.

Prize to the winners:

  1. First place will earn the KING/QUEEN crown plus $200 and featured on the page.
  2. Second place will win the PRINCE/PRINCESS crown plus $100 and featured on the page.
Don't feel bad about being in the last position, the JOKER award came to save you. Therefore, the video with the lowest engagement rate will also be rewarded.

Contest period and winners announcement:

Contests will start on viernes at 10:00 (6:00 EST) and end on jueves at 9:59 (5:59 EST) of the following week.

Winners will receive an in-app notification after the contest is closed and winners are validated

How to receive the award?

Payment will be made to your Wise account.