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Social Monetization Platform

GotChosen is an American technology company founded by Brazilian entrepreneur, Oz Silva. Oz had two missions in mind…, first to enable websites to monetize their social media content on their own pages.

The purpose of Oz’s vision was to bring the social media business model to websites and their audience and provide a new source of monetization. This technology was launched in 2018 and is generating over one billion ad impressions monthly.

The second mission is to do the same for the influencers’ community. GotChosen is creating a social media monetization platform that will pay influencers directly with money earned from our advertisers! The BETA platform was launched on February 14, 2021. While we take the time make improvements and create essential functionality, this BETA phase is invitation only.

As part of his philanthropic commitment, in the beginning Oz created a scholarship program as part of his strategy to build the company's online presence while developing the technology for the websites. College students visited the website to compete for scholarship funds and provide feedback. GotChosen has given away $440,000 in scholarships and helped 75 students achieve their education dreams.

Click here to learn more about the monetization for websites or here for more details of the influencer’s program.